the one with the double a's already taken =\

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Harry: Well what I'm doing for the guy who likes to bluff is I'm playing a little game called "Am I Bluffing?"
[Loads one round into the revolver to play Russian Roulette]

Harry: Where is she? Where the fuck is Harmony? You want to play hardball? I can do that.
[Spins the chamber and points the gun]

Harry: Where is the girl?
[Shoots the guy in the head]

Perry: [Stuttering at first] What did you just do?

Harry: [Confused] I just put in one bullet, didn't I?

Perry: You put a live round in that gun?

Harry: Well yeah, there was like an 8% chance.

Perry: Eight? Who taught you math!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Stewie: "Well! Look at you there! Oh, you're a filthy girl, aren't you? Yees, yees, you're looking for a bad time, that's what you're after! Oh, you're a dirty flirt. You want it bad and you don't care who you get it from because you have no self-respect, and that gets you off, doesn't it? Aruff!"

Lois: "Stewie! Bad boy! That's Mommy's make-up. Oh, and you got it all over your father's favourite shirt. Now go to your room!"

Brian: "Wow. The evidence is really piling up."

Stewie: "Make any joke you want. You know I look good."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Alex: What are you doing?
George: Hiding.
Alex: From what?
George: One of the first class patients. He likes me.
Alex: Oh good.
George: No I mean he LIKES me.
Alex: Right, get yours, go for it man, I'm down with the rainbow. [George is shocked] Oh, are you not gay?
George: No.
Alex: Really? Dude, sorry.
George: Uh Cristina, do you, do you, does Meredith think I'm gay?
Cristina: Are you?
George: No
Cristina: Really?
George: I'm not gay!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the party was alright, for a guy who turned 25.

i blew the balloons, dont ask me how. all these years i thought that i COULDNT blow balloons- who knew? my lungs got healthier! all i know is im dead beat now, after a ping pong session with shamsul (i really enjoy those sessions), pizza, fish & chips, soft drinks and a variety of other junk like licorice, OH AND BIRTHDAY CAKE which was simply sinfully SWEET.... and noise enough to wake the very dead.

the balloons we blew.. scribbled on, and were transferring from level 2 to the lift to level 7 to the lift to level 2 and to the lift again.. we just decided that we'd leave the balloons there so that when he enters the lift he'd get a pleasant surprise..


food! OMG the pizza was SO DAMN GOOD but i could only take 2 slices as i was already SO FULL

and i think i agree with umm... someone who said that shamsul looks 18 instead of um, his real age

there's more i wanna say but.. ill leave this at this. the party was alright la, but i thought there were TOO MANY PEOPLE who didnt even know it was hafiz's birthday but just came along for the food.. but it was cool. i guess.

Friday, April 21, 2006

so dead!

Look what I got from Inaaz..

She got it from Hahndorf.. yesterday. Heh I should've gone with them. =\

Monday, April 10, 2006

i feel giddy. with happiness.

for no concrete reason.

HEHEHE and giggly too :P


i'm been on a book binge lately.

the first- the god of small things. it was forced upon me.. but it ended up that i quite enjoyed the book. haven't finished reading it though- but so far, so good. detailed descriptions of everything.. which was perfect because it showed that the author knew e x a c t l y what she was talking about- i think we have far too many writers trying to bullshit everyone by writing about things they only pretend to know much about.

number two- stardust, by neil gaiman, the dude who collaborated with terry pratchett on that book- i forgot what it's called. this book is excellent! i still can't get over it.. it's such a good book that truly reflects the author's imagination. BRILLIANT! plus i got it for 30% cheaper at MPH recently, as it was one of those 100 must read titles. i really really really like this book. i'm gonna bring it with me to australia!!

3- abarat. by clive barker. to describe the cover as eye-catching would be an understatement. the cover was what that caught my attention first, then it was the story description on the book jacket. i kinda bought it on a whim- it was selling for seven aussie bucks at angus and robertson. so i bought it and only tonight have i attempted to read it! coz.. it looks so promising, that i was afraid that the story would prove to be a complete, utter letdown. but tonight i was so bored that i started reading it- i'm at page 103 now and the story is absolutely wonderful.

i can't wait to read more books! i'm kinda relieved that my passion for reading is still there.. i was so afraid that i would lose all interest in reading and that my attention span is deteriorating.. well well well. :D i'm gonna go back to mph and popular too to look for more good books!

Friday, April 07, 2006

2nd entry of the day. god i'm turning pathetic.

i just came back from a walk. it was cathartic for me. i'm not much of a nature person, but for the first time, i actually listened. and heard nature.

i've been doing a lot of thinking. and i came to this decision- let go.

do i really need a title?

i thought i'd never have to log into my blogspot account ever again. but since is being watched by eyes that really, shouldn't be seeing it.. here i am. so there goes the intro for this blog.. besides. i don't feel myself in that blogsome place.


i really haven't been doing much. i'm rotting here.. in a way, i'm dying to go back to adelaide to keep my butt busy again. i feel sorta sad here, in penang, seeing everyone come and go.. i feel as if i'm stuck in an aiport terminal with all these people i know going away, or coming back but they never stay for long.

but i'm glad for them. cause they have something to look forward to the next day.. instead of staring into the face of boredom every time they open their eyes 11 am every morning, feeling that they should just die instead of facing the dullness ahead.

i'm not keeping my hopes up for this blog. i never kept faithful to just one, anyway.